8 thoughts on “Sonoran Desert Cardinals

  1. Gosh! They look just like SC cardinals! 😉 The new fledglings visiting my feeders are having quite amusing territorial wars.


  2. Tom,
    Throughout the summer you have given us your photographic gifts, most of which I have neglected to acknowledge — content to simply sop them up like a thirsty sponge.
    So, please accept my thanks for the roadrunners (fun); sunrises, sunsets, rainbows (stunning); Lake Powell in black-and-white (unique for these times); the Sonora Desert Museum (interesting); and Mission Xavier del Bac (impressive, especially since it seems to actually have been made BY the natives FOR the natives — and still does serve in that way — rather than the California missions which were made BY the natives as slaves for their “intruders” to “convert, educate, and civilize” and ended up in land-grants to the wealthy — as I understand the process).
    Always look forward to your posts… even though I may not respond immediately…
    In loving spirit, Eleanor


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