An Endorsement from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

A kind note from a long-time reader and valued friend:

I love essay collections, especially a work such as Tom Heuerman’s “Learning to Live – Essays on Life and Leadership.”   Easy to read… each one has its own point… and somehow they fit together into a larger valuable tapestry.

I have known Tom for many years through his sharing of his thoughts in some of these essays.  So, I already know some of the stories, and they have already helped me live a better life.  For that I am very thankful.

Now he has compiled them into what could be seen by previous readers as a review, but in glancing through the early edition of the e-book, I realize the re-reading will be more than a review or reminder (of Tom or of myself); it will be another chance to self-improve, self-authenticate, self-acknowledge… and I think there can never be too much of that.

This work has wisdom in its pages – wisdom borne out of experience shared over many years of living a many-faceted life — confessional and inspirational, personal and observational, tough and loving.

This is not a surprise, as Tom has among his life goals the sharing of what he has learned, in a responsible manner; that in itself I consider to be a blessing in today’s confusing world between not enough, and too much, sharing of information.

While Tom often approaches these essays through the lens of business/corporate leadership, there are lessons into every other aspect of life as well.

And, I must add, his photography always reaches my heart.

Eleanor Velarde

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