I grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota in the ’50s and ’60s.

I had a normal childhood of sports and mischief.

I loved adventures.

I began to smoke cigarettes in middle school.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1968 with a degree in Sociology/Criminology.

I worked my way through college at the Star Tribune newspaper.

I began to drink in my sophomore year in college. I liked to drink beer.

I married after my freshman year and had a daughter in 1966.

I was so scared of being married, working, and going to school full-time that I got almost all A’s and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

I was an agent in the U.S. Secret Service for three years.

I worked a year in Minneapolis and two years chasing counterfeiters in Chicago.

I worked with a great group of men in Chicago.

I worked in the White House protecting President Richard Nixon.

I traveled around the world with Nixon in 1969.

I tried my hand at carpentry after the Secret Service. I sucked.

I went to treatment for alcoholism and addiction to Valium in 1974.

I’ve been sober since treatment.

I got a job at the Star Tribune newspaper and spent almost 18 years there.

I quit smoking in about 1981.

I had nine promotions and much success at the stodgy newspaper.

From 1990-1993, I led a massive change effort that changed my life.

I left the newspaper industry and completed a Ph.D. in Leadership and Organizational Change.

I began to write.

I love to write.

I made a living consulting to organizations and people.

I got divorced after 35 years of marriage.

I lived on the side of a mountain in Colorado for 14 months.

I moved to Moorhead, Minnesota in 2002.

I fell in love with Melanie. We married in 2003.

I consulted for 13 years and retired from that work in 2005.

Sausage, Pepperoni, Onions, & Green Olives.

We got flooded out of our home along the Red River in 2009. We moved to Minneapolis, MN

I wrote two e-books: Learning to Live: Essays on Life and Leadership & Value Driven Leadership: A Story of Personal and Organizational Transformation available at Amazon.com

I walk almost five miles a day, every day.

Melanie and I have six children ranging in age from 26-54.

We have 11 grandchildren ranging in age from brand new to 26 years old.

I love solitude; Melanie loves being with people.

We find our balance.

I think the world is in a time of madness.

I take a lot of photos of nature and love to be outside.

Oxbow Bend in Grand Tetons National Park is my favorite spot to take a photo.







7 thoughts on “About

  1. Pleasant greetings Tom! I saw the connection with Roger Young and found your blog. You are an amazing writer. How fun to discover you and your introspection. You may or may not recall me, but we we’re together in H.S. playing football. Always thought you should be our QB!! I know the Red River floods well, having diked them while at Concordia nearly every spring.
    Ciao, Eldy Nelson, Tech 1965.


    • Hi Eldy, thanks for your kind note. I’m glad you wrote. I haven’t written much lately. I got sick of writing about our president and didn’t feel called to another topic so I’m waiting for the muse to give me a call towards a new subject. How could I forget you? Never. You were a really competitive athlete and a tough one too. I did some consulting work at Concordia in the business department and we lived along the river a couple miles south of the campus. After the flood, we relocated to Minneapolis after being gone for 8 years. Live in Plymouth. Fully retired. Be well! Tom


  2. Trying to process that I was reading this sketch you have created of your life when my husband selected to watch “Vice”, about Cheney,Rumsfeld, Bush. It’s like the universe wanted to give me mental whiplash!



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