What Readers Say About Tom’s Work

“You cannot be marginalized. The world needs you and your vision, breadth, and depth at this critical time in history.” Jean Houston, Ph.D., Author, Philosopher & Consultant.

“Tom Heuerman is a leadership scholar.” Robert W. Terry, Ph.D., Author of Authentic Leadership and Seven Zones for Leadership

“I’m a writer and after reading this pamphlet, I find myself at a loss for words that can express the appreciation for the humble authentic person I perceive you to continually be.” Olivia Hemming

“You are definitely an original thinker  —  the sign of a self-learner.” At de Lange, University of Pretoria, South Africa

“I just re-read several of your pamphlets, all at once. I must say I’m impressed, in awe of, delighted with, etc., your awareness, sensitivity, and spirituality in observing the reality of today’s organizations and in suggesting some ways of the future. Add to the above list your writing ability. Thank you.” Patricia Tuecke

“You inspire, I am a better person, a better manager, a better husband, and a better father from your writings.” Steve Metheny

“I feel so honored to get to read your writing. You truly get it!! Have a great day and let me end with a heartfelt sense of gratitude.” Dorothy Clark-Miles

“You are a God-sent wise man of our century.” Tommy Tucker

“What is your source of inspiration? It must be very deep! When you realize what a great leader really is … it makes one feel a long way from home.” Chuck Wallace

“I want to thank you for sending me your awe-inspiring words of wisdom in your amazing pamphlets. Your journey as a writer has been a gift to me. I appreciate you sharing your life lessons and topics of all kinds and how they may apply to my own life. It takes a lot of silent-daily reflection, effort and passion to be conscious and truly awake. May many more blessings come your way. You are a great writer and I enjoy your work.” Kathleen Saxer

I’ve been reading your blog Tom and I’m getting my Tom Heuerman fix again! You are so inspiring! Everyone should take a look at the blog. I can’t wait to get your online book now! Meg Smith

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