Chris Kluwe

Chris Kluwe used to be the punter for the Minnesota Viking.

Kluwe–intelligent, authentic, somewhat eccentric–openly and loudly advocated for gay marriage.

He was cut from the team. Was it because of his football performance or his outspokenness in the conformity driven NFL?

Kluwe accused an assistant coach of anti-gay slurs. The coach denied it. The team investigated. The coach admitted the slur when another player said he heard the words. The Vikings suspended the coach for three games.

Kluwe threatened to sue. The team agreed to contribute to gay rights groups over several years and all Vikings employees would get sensitivity training.

The lawsuit was dropped.

Kluwe had plenty of critics–in the media and in the masses.

It isn’t easy being a truth-teller who goes against the powerful organization and the entire NFL. Kluwe¬†was verbally attacked. People questioned his motives. Critics used Kluwe’s own human mistakes against him to diminish his credibility. He won’t play again in the NFL.

Erase all the garbage and one fact remains: Chris Kluwe changed the world with his courage.

That’s more than his attackers can say.