An American Nightmare

Only Americans can hurt America.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

I tossed and turned. I thought I was awake. I was lost in the dark movie in my mind. An inner voice told me I was dreaming; the images in the darkness told me the nightmare was real. Everything in my dream was dark. Hollow men came and went in the shadows. I felt angry, scared and sad.

It was Friday, October 30, 2020 just after the television national news and just four days before the presidential election. President Trump, fearing the loss of the election to Democrat, former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, broke into television coverage and announced that due to massive voter fraud and terrorist threats he was postponing the November 3, 2020 national elections. He called on his followers to stay alert for subversives.

To defend against terrorists and keep order in urban areas, he nationalized local police departments and the National Guard. He filled the police departments of our largest cities with law enforcement “consultants” to keep order—primarily by suspending civil rights of citizens. He named Fox News, the only reliable source of news other than Trump himself, as the network of the White House. Citing the dishonest and subversive media, all other networks were taken off the air and guarded by the thousands of border patrol agents, added to protect our borders and now Trump’s personal police force. His generals, now leading all Cabinet departments, took charge of the government and military. He long ago gained control of the fossil fuel industry through bribes and threats. Oil and natural gas would be rationed—to distract and control people–until further notice. Congress, led by moral cowards and Trump enablers Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, would report to deplorable Vice President Mike Pence who would continue to lead domestic policy against women, nonwhites and the LGBT community–anyone different from old, rich white men.

The hijacking of Democracy in America—led by Republicans and long in process–was over by 10:00 pm Eastern time. Newt Gingrich smiled—he started it all long ago. Rudy Giuliani jumped, waved his arms and screeched like a crazed chimpanzee. Sarah Palin lapsed into her best Tina Fey impersonation. Chris Christie, long forgotten, thought: “That could be me.”

America fell from greatness because citizens went to sleep.

Everything was so obvious in hindsight. The images filled my dream-state.

The pattern had become obvious and routine: Trump went off on someone on Twitter, wrote outrageous things, people responded with outrage and then calmed down until the next time. He ranted and raved against the dishonest and corrupt media daily. Over and over he lambasted phony polls and voter fraud. He lied about successes and blamed other for failures. He was a master at manipulating and exploiting the fears, loses and anxiety of followers. He made everyone who opposed him into a scapegoat and blamed them for his bad behavior. His ego grew, bigger and bigger. His fantasies—stoked by alt right forces in the White House–grew more grandiose: only he could lead America.

His followers believed everything he said. He had invited them to feel better by harming others and they felt important and powerful. Many citizens had become desensitized to Trump. Or maybe they were tired from the constant chaos of Trump or just couldn’t care anymore. Few people demonstrated against him anymore and those who did risked jail, assaults, beatings and even death from roving bands of Trump followers.

I woke up, cleared my head and realized that I had been dreaming—a dark night of the soul it was.

Thank God, nothing like my dream could happen in America.

13 thoughts on “An American Nightmare

  1. The last 10 days have and continue to be very alarming and concerning. I could site several incidents, but we know them all. It really is like a nightmare.


  2. What a disturbing, dark vision — and chillingly, it’s similar to nightmares other friends have reported. Let us keep advocating for a more positive outcome for everyone.


  3. I agree with Tom and impeachment has to happen sooner rather than later. Too much damage has already been caused and every day he and his Administration are allowed to rule, our America feels like it is slipping away. This IS a nightmare!


  4. What a nightmare – your story and the daily news! I can really see this happening if something drastic doesn’t happen. Where are the Democrats in this scenario? Why aren’t they being more vocal? Do we have any chance of taking back the House and Senate next year?


  5. I’ve heard it said that this would be our last election, so was it just a dream or a prophecy?  I fear it could be the latter unless the people awaken from their alter reality created by Fox News who’s viewers think everything is just wonderful and no problem here folks for every twitter from the Donald and every executive order he signs are all lawful and not unconstitutional at all and of course he knows more than those pesky Federal judges. Thanks,  Judy

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  6. Thanks Judy. Ezra Klein at has an article re autocracy today. He said the problem isn’t Trump–the founders expected people like Trump. The problem will be the Republican Congress who can stop him whenever they want but may choose not to. Sort of like my writing for years that the problem isn’t the bad guys; the problem is the good guys who have gone to sleep. But, in the case of Trump and the Republican Congress, it is all “bad guys.”


    • And as we have seen today, 50 Republicans confirmed a woman to head the Dept. of Education who is unqualified and doesn’t support public ed! I will be meeting with my congressional Rep tomorrow and will be asking questions about ACA and other things. He is a Republican, so I’ll get to see first hand how “alseep” these folks are. Shhheeesh!


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