A Moment of Authenticity Right Out of Star Wars

A moment of authenticity is when your soul is tired and you don’t care anymore what they might do to you.

Ieshia Evans wanted “to look her son in the eye to tell him she fought for his freedom and rights.”

She wasn’t going to move. “You’re going to have to come and get me.”

I support law enforcement people who do their jobs the right way; I am deeply inspired by everyday people who find the courage to stand alone.

Read the story.

4 thoughts on “A Moment of Authenticity Right Out of Star Wars

  1. Hard to describe in words what all is said in this photo; thanks for your post, for your thoughts, for passing along this moment-in-time where the spotlight arc seemed to be scanning the worst of the US in one short week (at least as far as I could tell, filtered a bit through Canadian media). I have actually been in an energetic slump which I attribute to the collective horror at what can happen in a free, “first-world” country that some people refer to as “#1″… If there was a moment that pulled the story together, it seemed to be this woman’s presence, recorded. In appreciation, and loving spirit, Eleanor
    PS Today at 8pm ET I will be joining in James Twyman’s “May Peace Prevail on Earth” world-wide meditation. He’s been doing these for at least 30 years… we’ve got to keep at it in as many forms as possible to shift something!


  2. Hi Eleanor, I’ve been in my own “energetic slump” due to all the awful things happening. You are right: we have to keep at it in as many forms as possible to shift something. If you didn’t see President Obama’s talk yesterday in Dallas, it is well worth a watch.


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