10 thoughts on “Canyon de Chelly

  1. Oh, Tom!!
    I lived within 30 miles of this gorgeous spot for 15 years, and I love what you’ve done with your photographic opportunity!!! I was thrilled to see water in “the wash” and so much green!!!! Thanks for the memories and the — as always — uniqueness of your perspective.
    In loving spirit, Eleanor


  2. Awesome pictures.  I’ve been in NE AZ but don’t recall this canyon.  Sent them to brother Chuck in AZ.  They don’t even visit the Grand Canyon these days.  🙂  Judy PS – What do you think about the BREXIT?

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  3. Canyon de Chelly is off the beaten path in the NE part of AZ. I think BREXIT was an effort to return to a romanticized past but was instead a regressive move bad for Britain and for those who voted to leave.


  4. Thanks Nancy. If you go, I suggest the Thunderbird Lodge and at least a 2-night stay so you can do the one hike into the canyon, a jeep ride into the canyon and drive each paved scenic view–one for morning and the other for afternoon–at least once.


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