Nature Photography Challenge

The photos I put on Face Book as part of this challenge:

The Monarch Butterfly. My favorite image: the symbol of transformation.

Monarch Butterfly–my favorite image.

Sunset in the Grand Tetons--a place of many spiritual settings.

Sunset in the Grand Tetons


Black Bear near Grand Marais, MN


The road to Monument Valley


Wauweap Marina and Lake Powell near Page, AZ


White Sands National Monument. New Mexico.


Arches National Park, Moab, Utah.


7 thoughts on “Nature Photography Challenge

  1. I am in awe……….
    You get a First Place Award.
    These photos you just shared are stunning!
    I can not and will not pick a favorite as they all are my favorites!

  2. Thanks Kathy! i used a 70-300 MM lens. Bear was high up in a tree and I was level with it on the ground. Tree grew up from the side of a slope below me. Bear much more interested in the berries then in me!

  3. Hi, Tom (photographer extraordinaire!),
    I’ve been off-line for a while and am coming back to a huge back-log… catching up which includes a few from Tom’s Thoughts… all appreciated but this grouping of outstanding photos must get a response! Breath-taking, each in its own way… and I loved the Sonoran sunset silhouettes on another post… Thanks so much, in loving spirit, Eleanor

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