Hiking the Sonoran Desert

Alone in the silence, I understand for a moment the dread which many feel in the presence of primeval desert, the unconscious fear which compels them to tame, alter or destroy what they cannot understand, to reduce the wild and prehuman to human dimensions. Anything rather than confront directly the anti-human, that “other world” which frightens not through danger or hostility but in something far worse—its implacable indifference.
Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire

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6 thoughts on “Hiking the Sonoran Desert

  1. Dear Tom,
    The places you go… the composition of your photos… the tenderness with which you appear to view your “subjects”…all touch my heart and trigger memories of my own life-story. This is not just in relation to the Sonoran Desert, but to so many of your previous photographic posts. The black-and-white rendering somehow requires a twist in the brain (since most of us actually see in color) and yet there is a deeper “natural-ness” somehow, causing a more studied look into the simpler contrast — also captured in previous posts). “Brilliant”…
    In loving spirit, Eleanor


  2. Striking photos. Rendering them in black and white changes the viewers perception. Different colors make us ‘feel’, well…differently about the subject matter. The clean, crisp lines of these photos lead me to ‘think’ about each object and then take in the entirety of the scene captured. Once again, excellent photography. Thank you for sharing your life with us in this way.


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