10 thoughts on “Lower Antelope Slot Canyon

    • Nancy: You can ask for directions and drive to Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons. Not far from Page. Or, last time I was there, the Navaho had jeeps driving around and you can get a ride with them. We drove out.
      The canyons are across the road from each other–separate operators. Ample parking on each side.
      Go on a sunny day at mid-day so the sun is overhead and will go into the Lower Canyon and light up the rocks.
      Drive out to Wauweap Marina and get late afternoon or early morning photos along the drive.

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      • Thank You Tom! We are actually going with the Navajos. Great tips from you. If I may… I have one more question. Did you place your camera at all in plastic because of the dust? Thank You for sharing such beautiful photos and being so kind to give advice. 🙂


    • Nancy: I was not prepared for the wind and blowing sand. As I recall, it was mostly in Upper Antelope Canyon, which is more like a cave. It blew a lot and I tucked my camera under my jacket. I was worried about getting sand it the camera but didn’t. As I recall, Lower Antelope Canyon didn’t have the wind and sand. It is underground.

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