The care and feeding of your introvert

An excellent and accurate piece by my friend Heide Munro.


“No way!”
“You’re full of it!”

That’s how acquaintances usually respond when I tell them I’m an introvert.

After all, I have no qualms about talking to random strangers. I do alright with public speaking. And I’m blessed to have many wonderful, cherished friends.

But the truth is that although I may greatly enjoy all these things, they still take tremendous energy and effort. I’ve been thinking about this a lot since a dear friend shared Dr. Carmella’s curious infographic:

Introvert part 1

At first glance I resented it, because it makes introverts sound a little freakish (I don’t live in a hamster ball, nor must I be treated like a terrified wild animal). But I did like the explanation that “[introverts] naturally find most interaction exhausting.”

I can’t tell you how terrible I’ve felt over the years — or how many friendships I’ve given up — because people…

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One thought on “The care and feeding of your introvert

  1. Thanks, Tom and Heather.
    This is a clear explanation of the contradiction I have lived with in many ways, over many years.
    The contradiction came into fuller confusion for me during the days of the “Please Understand Me” (Kiersey-Bates Temperament Sorter) use of Jung’s personality categories/psychological types and Myers-Briggs methods of indicating types. Interesting stuff!
    In loving spirit, Eleanor


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