The Cultural Creatives

Once they [Cultural Creatives] realize their numbers, their impact on America promises to be enormous, shaping a new agenda for the twenty-first century.  The Cultural Creatives

In 2000 Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson wrote a book entitled, The Cultural Creatives—a group of 50 million diverse Americans (60% women) who are creating a new culture in America.

Cultural Creatives care about the planet, relationships, and servant leadership. They have an organic, systemic, and holistic worldview. They value authenticity, believe in purpose, and live by strong values. They are idealistic, altruistic, and spiritual—not necessarily religious. They are creative and optimistic problem-solvers; they model new ways to live.

Cultural Creatives, disenchanted with greed, materialism, and status displays, oppose the abuse of rank; inequalities of race, class, and gender; and the narrowness and intolerance of the Religious Right.

Cultural Creatives are ecological thinkers–aware and mindful. They see the interconnectedness and value all of life. They detect patterns and surface and examine deep unconscious beliefs. These people evolve themselves consciously. They reject simplistic linear and dualistic (either/or) thinking and seek to optimize systems through creative both/and thinking.

They are the leaders for the times in which we live.

Most of us were not born to these values and skills. The psychic reorientation to a new worldview requires courage, service, sacrifice, and intellectual vigor. This journey within is the personal spiritual, intellectual, philosophical, and psychological shift of consciousness people must make if they want to consciously evolve the human condition and create a sustainable world.

The outcome of this hard work: A transformation in how we think, feel, and live. The prize for doing this work: A purposeful and interesting life and a deep self-respect-and a better world to leave behind for future generations to enjoy.

People who embrace new ways to think and live will unite under a shared purpose: to save the world by creating sustainable organizations, a sustainable global economy, and a planet that endures for future generations to enjoy.

Time is running out. Our ecological crisis and national decline require an acceleration of natural processes: a conscious and sustainable fast-forward of human social evolution without harming life in the process. We must think big, move fast, and address all our interconnected problems at once.

We created the world of today that no longer works for us. We can change it. Millions of like-minded people surround us. We need to find them, connect with them, and join together to add momentum to this movement.

Each of us has a role to play. We simply do what we can– large or small.

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