Beauty of the Grand Tetons

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In the winter, Jackson, Wyoming is home to 6,000 to 7,000 elk that winter at the National Elk Refuge on the north edge of town:

National Elk PreserveJA

Elk at Play JA

Coyotes, eagles, swans, and even wolves hang out at the refuge:

Cayotes at the Elk Preserve (3) JA

The park is a quiet place in the winter:

Tetons2.12.06162 3.23

Grand Tetons 5-10.11 054ps

Grand Tetons Moose 5-10.11 056ps

Grand Tetons Blackbird 5-10.11 062ps

Tetons Sandhill Crane 5.11.11 004ps

Tetons Sandhill Crane 5.11.11 046ps

Oxbow Bend Moose 5.15.11 001ps

Oxbow Bend in the winter:

Oxbow Bend Winter-2.12.06-0039

The beauty in the fall is magnificent:

Oxbow Bend in the fall:

Grand Tetons High Resolution Digital Images (8)PS 014


Image S1- 111Levels- Grand Tetons Sunset Sunrise

DSC_0040Fall Colors in the Tetons 3

DSC_0244Pelican Pair

Locked-S1- 94 --Jackson Lake Sunset

One thought on “Beauty of the Grand Tetons

  1. I have visited Teton Village and Jackson Hole. I went there the summer before last. IT IS TULY BEAUTIFUL! YOUR PHTOGRAPHS ARE MAGNIFICANT! Do you also give photography lessons? Best wishes, Margaret Eubank


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