Mystical Monument Valley

The eternal essence of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Utah is one of my favorite places.

I’ve been there many times and have had several trips with Navajo guides into the restricted areas.

The view from the north as one approaches or leaves Monument Valley.

The Road North of Monument ValleyJA2

The Mittens overlook the land at sunrise.

DSC_0728 (1)

A panoramic view of the monuments from Artist’s Point. The scenic drive is 17 rugged miles.


Erosion works its magic on the sandstone structures.

Image S1- 15- Monument Valley (3)

Imagine riding horseback through the park.

MV HorsesJA

Sunrise is a spiritual time.


The view from the visitor center.


A timeless and outer worldly place.


My Navajo guide plays his flute in a natural amphitheatre.


Sand dunes

Monument Valley Dunes (2)

10 thoughts on “Mystical Monument Valley

  1. Thank you so much for your deeply spiritual photography, Tom.
    We share a love for this magical place, as I was fortunate enough to live and work within a few miles of Monument Valley for 15 years.
    You have revealed a range of the beauty and the mystery through these photos.
    In loving spirit, Eleanor


  2. Your images are breathtaking, Tom — absolutely stunning! Have you considered writing a story about your experiences there? I think your photos are worthy of National Geographic Traveler.


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