Birthday Fun

On her birthday, Melanie decided to collect all the free  birthday gifts/food offered to her in emails everyday.

She had a plan:

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 001

iHop was the first stop:

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 003

That’s a lot of free food. She tipped the servers at each place the amount the bill would have been.

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 007

Granddaughter Saige was happy!

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 008

Einstein Bros Bagels is next:

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 009

Nice people at Einsteins: Melanie received an offer to pay for her food by a complete stranger when he heard it was her birthday. Then the server wished her happy birthday in Russian. A great stop!

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 010

Off to DQ for a smoothie for me:

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 013

Gigi’s  is next for a free cupcake:

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 015

Noodles and Company is around the corner:

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 016

Across the road to Smash Burgers:

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 018

The server wasn’t as friendly at Arby’s: the manager would not give the free 12 oz shake without the printed coupon, even with the offer of seeing i.d. to show it was the right day. So we moved on with a lesser opinion of that establishment.

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 021

Off to Caribou for coffee:

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 023

Panera for a free dessert: the server was on autopilot.

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 029

Bruegger’s Bagels is next: The server was alive: chatty, smiled, and wished Melanie a happy birthday.

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 030

Green Mill Inn for free pizzas: the best servers of all: friendly, accommodating, and flexible.

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 033

Desert at Cold Stone Creamery:

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 040

And, our final stop for the day:

Mel Birthday 6.21.13 028

The most interesting part of the day was not the free food, but how the servers interacted and who liked being part of the day and who simply didn’t care at all.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Fun

  1. Great way to point out the practice and the way different establishments (and employees/people) respond. Nice way to give credit where credit is due, as well! Seems like you all had a perfect birthday!


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