A Note from a Reader of “Learning to Live: Essays on Life and Leadership”

What interesting lives people have:

I have just finished reading “Learning to Live:  Essays on Life and Leadership.”  I think it is an excellent book!  One of my nephews just graduated last Saturday from the Graduate School of Business at Dartmouth.  I have emailed him to see if he has read this book.  Otherwise, I will send him a copy.

In the late 1980s and 90s my husband and I took some consciousness raising workshops with Brugh Joy.  I don’t know if you have heard of him.  My husband also took EST and belongs to the Mankind Project where living an authentic life is paramount. I graduated from the University of Virginia in 1958.  (I was only allowed to attend at that time because my father was on the faculty  Women were only allowed if they were in nursing, education or if their father was on the faculty.  My father was the Dean of the Darden School of Business Administration and was invited to UVA in 1954 to set up that school).

As you probably know, UVA has a strict honor code.  If you choose to attend that school, you swear not to lie, steal or cheat–even at cards.  If you do, you can be banished from the University and from Charlottesville for life.  I don’t know if this is still the case.  I know my two years at UVA had a huge impact on my life.

I really liked your ideas of a value driven life and how great leaders engage their employees.  I wish all companies and businesses could be run this way.  I think this is naive on my part, but it seems that some companies have succeeded, so there is hope.   Your ideas about always changing one’s way of doing things and not becoming stagnant and engaging people in ongoing dialogue are great.  I could go on and on about all the great ideas in your book.

Margaret Eubank

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