Art on the Lake

Melanie and I recently went to the Excelsior Art Fair.

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13ps

For those of you not familiar, Excelsior, Minnesota is a quaint lakefront town of about 2,400 people on the shores of Lake Minnetonka about 20 miles west of Minneapolis.

Parking can be a problem in Excelsior so we arrived about 60 minutes before the 10am opening.

We had time to eat so off it was to a great new restaurant in town:

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 004ps

Mindful that I was a serious calorie counter,  I decided on a low-cal breakfast:

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 006ps


I’m going to Lago Tacos again.

Fortified, we headed down the street to the art fair. The Port of Excelsior is a great place: lake, park, fishing, swimming, boat rides and enjoying a nice day:

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 002ps

Hey! The Art Fair is behind you!

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 010ps

I thought long and hard on our first stop:

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 047ps

I really wanted that pig for the front yard but, in the end, I decided to wait for an Elvis statue.

Lots of butt shots at an art fair:

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 020ps

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 029ps

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 075ps

My favorite places:

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 056ps

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 088ps

The big picture of the art fair:

Excelsior Art Fairps1


Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 050ps

I’m all for moral:

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 052ps

I used to work here. When I quit, the CEO said my leadership had changed the company forever. The next thing I knew, they went bankrupt. Nothing is forever.

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 080

Well, we are getting tired. Should I go to the bathroom before we head home?

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13 079


Balloon creation looks like the last boss I had.

Excelsior Art Fair 6.8.13balloonsps

We had a nice time. Next week it is the Stone Arch Bridge Art Festival.

See you there!

6 thoughts on “Art on the Lake

  1. Your photos and commentary are great, Tom! Especially your gratuitous butt photos. 🙂 When will you be at the Stone Arch Festival? Perhaps our visits will coincide.


  2. Aha! You really do own a sense of humor!
    LOL! Could it be you’re the one who photographs the famous Walmartians? In case you’re not familiar with them, their rather um…ample posteriors are the targets.


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